How It Works / What To Bring

It's Simple!

We’ve helped thousands of customers get back on their feet and in the driver's seat. No matter your credit score we CAN finance you!! If you've had previous repossessions, divorce, discharged bankruptcy or even a doesn't matter. We're interested in your future, not your past!!

All you need to apply for financing with us is the following and you will be on the road in no time.


  • Valid Florida or Georgia Driver's License
  • Proof of Current Address (Utility Bill, Phone Bill, Bank Statement, Lease Agreement)
  • Proof of Income (Most Recent Pay Stub, Last 3 Months Bank Statements, etc.)
  • Down Payment
  • Trade-In Title and Lien Release (if trading in a vehicle)

It's that easy! So let's get started!

*Please keep in mind that any pre-approval is based solely on the information provided in your application.  Your final approval is subject to in-person verification and compliance with certain conditions. Any omissions, errors or misrepresentations on your application may change the status of your final approval.